Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Second Pass

I tried to finish for today, because the deadline was today ...
But happily it's for the 8th of March.

I'll have enough time to fix a lot of floating little mistakes, and play with facial expressions.

First Pass

So, I post this today because the dead line is tomorrow...
I know that is far from a good one first pass, but I had some troubles with IK FK and flat curves .
It's my first real attempt in maya (more than 2 sec)and I'm not yet "fluent" with all that new stuffs.
tomorrow I'll animate all the day, so i hope I'll have a better one to send.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

3d Blocking Canonball

here's the bloking stage for my animation, it needs some tweeking but it's roughly what I want for my final animation.

Blocking 2d for february contest at

There is my first attempt to the animation contest in
I started by a 2d bloking within Flash just to find some ideas and timing.

Then, I wil start to animate with the PackageMan rig from